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Stephan McNicoll is a singer-songwriter with a rich musical universe where the rock meets the sweetness. A wolf in gentleman-like, the sensitivity of a James Blunt and a unique voice that sometimes recall Aerosmith and the Bee-Gees. You have to see and hear a single time to know that it is already part of the great artists of the world.

He grew up in Gatineau in Canada and from an early age, his father, actor Peter McNicoll , introduced him to theater and music. At the age of 15, he participated in her first singing competition where he was selected as a finalist in the side of Alanis Morissette !

Although the music already seems to take a greater place in his heart, his acting and improvisational born, quickly leads on the boards.

He quickly spawning a path in the improvisation of her school team and deserves shortly after the improvisation Excellence Award at the Salon book which is awarded by the French author Sébastien Japrisot .

He then held several theater roles in adaptations of Clockwork Orange Kubrick and The Tarantino tanks of Dogs . He participated in co-writing a play called « 2002 Human Odyssey » where he will also take the lead role for more than 120 performances!

It is 20 years since Stephan decided to listen to his heart and to focus on his musical career.

He then formed the blues rock group Mr. Deltoid who for four years compiling performance tours in Ontario and Quebec. The group produced a music video shot entirely in Morocco that will air on CBC Much Music !

Shortly after the group disbanded, McNicoll decided to continue his solo career. In 1996 he was the winner of the contest Everything Everything New Show Radio Canada in the category singer-songwriter in addition to being named Audience Award Winner.

He released his first album in 2001. The first single « J’voudrais ben But I can not » is broadcast on Radio of Québec and gets a number 1 in the category Rock for 2 weeks in a row and get the 8th BDS position in the polls. Two other extracts will be launched and will meet again on the charts! [/ Vc_column_text] [/ vc_column]

In 2006, he launched « Contradictions of Life » a 2nd album , this time in English. The album received critical d`excellentes to the National scale and single « A Bit of Sunshine » gets rolling respectable radio. 2 launched videos are quickly becoming number 1 in MusiquePlus and MusiMax .

In 2007, he won a leading role in the musical Flower Power . The show is produced over 110 times including the Montreal Casino , the Hull Casino du Lac Leamy and the Plains of Abraham as part of the 400th anniversary of Quebec City .

During the same period, it combines the show tours with his band GCR (Group Classic Rock) .The band performed in several events such as the opening festivities of the Formula 1 and Nascar on Crescent Street in Montreal, the first part by Jeff Healey in Tremblant Blues Festival and the first part of Jeff Martin (Tea party) at the Capitol of Quebec .

He auditioned for Cirque du Soleil in 2012, where his talent was quickly noticed. So he landed a role in the show Zarkana where he plays the main character Zark for touring in Spain and Russia, Garou for his part having played the character during the tour in New York.

Back in Quebec, he participated in the show The Voice of VAT 2013 edition where he noted the public and the jury for his frenzied performance. He turned the chair 3 of the 4 coaches and he chose to go with the team Marc Dupré to get to the stage duels.

Stephan McNicoll takes to the studio to produce a new album. The first single « Fall in Love, » directed by François Séguin, reached the top step of the podium in the top 25 Pop Adults BDS During 8 weeks and 5iem the Top 100 BDS

After only 3 weeks, his second extract <A Little Sun>, will suck the merits of the week and the strong reaction by quickly climbing the charts!

The output is expected to l`album End Aoùt 2015 … to follow !!! [/ vc_column_text] [/ vc_column] [/ vc_row]